There are 88,000 citizens in Crawford County. They all ought to have some say in the governance of their county! The county oversees human services, and the judiciary of the county. Every person in the county deserves fair representation in where their tax dollars are spent, and who they benefit. Even the least of us will have an open-minded and caring ear with Dan Hunter for Crawford County Commissioner.

Dan Hunter knows well the hardships related to tax liabilities for small businesses, families, and single parents. He will ensure that our tax dollars are well spent, towards investing in our future and our children’s futures!

Dan will start the process to bring Crawford County’s governmental structure under Home Rule. We are a unique county, with unique people, having unique needs, particularly relating to our financial solvency and responsibility.

According to Act 62 of 1972, all counties and municipalities in Pennsylvania have the right to create and adopt a home rule charter. As laid out in the Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law, Dan will create a “Government Study Commission” immediately.

Home rule provides local control. It gives our county government the ability to craft ordinances and make decisions based on local needs, rather than play by rules set forth by state legislators to govern the state at large.

Dan Hunter wants what is best for everyone. This will include advanced notice on county issues, rather than waiting until the deal is sealed.

The opinions and needs of every Crawford County constituent is paramount.

Dan is seeking to create a more inclusive and open government, starting with office hours for Titusville residents.

Dan will pursue the further collaboration and integration of all county wide agencies. In this newly integrated system, agencies agree to work together with the focus on resident’s needs. New systems or processes may emerge, and the agencies will work together to find solutions to the problems facing our residents. As far as possible, finding these solutions is more important than the needs or rules of the individual agency.

  • Improving communication between agencies to to be more responsive to resident identified needs.
  • Identifying areas of duplication, working at cross-purposes, or what is creating confusion for residents about who is doing what.
  • Developing one plan for the residents seeking services which includes the work being done by/with all agencies. This plan may also include actions and responsibilities the resident agrees to do.
  • Building understanding and capacity between the agencies – such as sharing practice frameworks and legal and funding limitations – so they can work together more effectively and generally support each other in their service delivery.
  • Identifying systematic issues that create problems for residents, and for services in their efforts to meet resident needs. This may include identification of client groups or needs that “fall between the gaps”. Ideally, there will be a process whereby these issues can be brought to the attention of decision-makers.
  • Development of streamlined processes which can provide more seamless services to residents, such as a common referral or assessment process.

Dan will pursue the formation of a problem resolution court in Crawford County. The concept of problem resolution courts have been implemented in many municipalities nationwide to good effect. He will pursue the funds to add an additional judge for our county to implement this court. The idea of these courts is to address the underlying problems that are inherent in many of those incarcerated at Crawford County Correctional Facility.

This court will ensure that non-violent inmates, with preference for veterans, are engaged in all aspects of treatment that they need to be successful. This includes treatment for their mental health, substance use disorders, and physical health. This court will further work to improve collaboration between the many services working to make our citizens happy and healthy again. 

Leading from the Middle

This land is your land and this land is my land

This land was made for you and me

Woody Guthrie

How’ve we come to this point where our opinion is only valued during election season?

What you think is important 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 366 days on leap years, no weekends, no holidays.

Dan wants you to feel that you are able to express that opinion with no reprisal or censorship.